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EROICA TANGO MARATHON takes place at the sports facility FORTINO, a beautiful space in the heart of the city, a few steps from the center and the colorful and renowned Balon market (the largest market in Europe for antiques, vintage items and fruit and vegetables ).
A spacious and very bright dancing room of 700 square meters with windows and views of the river, with over 400 square meters of wooden parquet to ensure all the heroic dancers of this second edition the most enjoyable and comfortable experience.
The creation of Fortino ballroom is the last achievement of the sports-amateur association Danzen, the organizer of this event.
The project was launched in April 2016 and started with the renovation of a bowling camp, a space previously underutilized given the small number and the advanced age of the players.
The construction and maintenance work began on 11 July 2016. Just two months later, on 17 September 2016, an inaugural milonga was successfully organized thanks to the untiring voluntary work of over 60 tango & swing dancers. Thanks to the fundraising campaign and the loans kindly given by the members of the Association over 100 thousand Euros were invested for the modernization, soundproofing, safety and repaving of the structure. All that in more than 22,000 hours of work done by the volunteers!
Nowadays a very large group of volunteers takes care of the facility, organizing different dancing activities like the regular milonga on Saturdays and a lot of workshops and regulars classes as well.

This is our strenght: a very large staff that loves with all the heart the Fortino ballroom, literally built brick by brick from all of us!
The Fortino can now be considered to all effects one of safest and most beautiful multi-functional sports halls in Europe.

How to reach the Fortino

The Fortino is close to Porta Susa Station (one of the two main stations in the city, where the metro, high speed trains and shuttle services converge from various nearby airports – Turin Caselle, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio)

  • From the airport (Turin Caselle) to Fortino:
    SADEM shuttle bus every half an hour takes you to Porta Susa station (more info here) + Bus 10N towards MASSARI to reach the Fortino (by taxi from the airport its around 35 euros)
  • From Porta Nuova station to Fortino: take the metro towards FERMI, get off at bus stop XVIII Dicembre + bus 10N (by taxi its around 15 euros)
  • From Porta Susa station to Fortino: bus 10N towards MASSARI (by taxi its around 10 euros)


The city of Turin is a brewing ground for cultural innovation, hosting numerous theatre, dance and art festivals throughout the year. Believed by some to be the European capital of tango thanks to the over 5000 dancers and dozens of active milongas during the week, it is a city rich of history
and modernity. Founded in 300 b.c., it was the first capital city of Italy long time before Rome. It hosted the XX Olympic games in 2006 and is the birth place of many “Made in Italy” products such as Martini, Gianduja chocolate, Lavazza coffee and the car giant FIAT.