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Please read carefully: by registering you fully subscribe to the conditions below and to the policy of the event

Registrations opened on 30th October 2019 at 5 pm (local time).

The marathon is SOLD OUT!

Registration is closed for this edition

It’s a private event CLOSED TO PUBLIC and reserved to the registered and accepted dancers. You can purchase just the full marathon pass, not single tickets for afternoon or night milongas. The marathon is organized by the Sports Assocationa FORTINO: you must become a member (US ACLI affilaited) if you want to take part in this event.


• Please register with your full name (no nick-names) – if you have more than one name or surname mention all of them

The acceptance criteria is the chronological order of registration, paying attention to keep a 50% leaders/followers balance and a good mix according to country of provenience

• The fee is strictly personal and not transferable (every fee includes the membership card + insurance as well)

• There is no refund policy: if you can’t come for any reason the fee will NOT be refunded. But you can find someone who hasn’t registered yet to replace you. Please communicate all changes to the organizers that must agree and confirm it to you

• Organizers of EROICA have the right to refuse the registration of participants they consider her/his dancing/communication/behavior as dangerous, aggressive, non-acceptable, etc.


It is not strictly necessary to register as a couple, but we really encourage to do it in order to avoid long waiting lists (especially for single followers).

If you register as a couple, both participants must complete the registration form separately and mention the name of the partner in the given field.


  • Marathon full pass = 85 €
  • The fee includes: dancing hours + membership card + generous buffet of hot and cold drinks, sweet and savory snacks to allow the heroic dancers to constantly have refreshment (from pre-party on Thursday night to Sunday night). The fee does NOT include the participant’s travel, accommodation or main meals expenses. Please take a look at the Sleep & Food page for suggestions on food and accommodation (nearby some hotelshave conventions). The sports center where the marathon takes place has an internal restaurant that will provide a meal package for the days of the marathon (you will find more details on the Sleep & Food page and you will receive info in the final confirmation email)