Eroica Tango Marathon
th edition!

15, 16, 17 Marzo 2024

15, 16, 17 March 2024

Registration are now OPEN


 40 ore di tango e buffet

6 milonghe, 1 pre e 1 after party

6 incredibili
tango djs

internazionali e locali 

400 ballerini

per genere e paesi di provenienza

500 mq di pista in palchetto per la danza

 in 3.800 mq in riva al fiume

 40 hours of tango and buffet

6 milongas, 1 pre e 1 after party

6 incredibles
tango djs

Internationals and locals

400 balanced dancers

gender and nationality

500 sqm Dancing wooden floor

 in 3.800 sqm iriverside structure


is coming soon!!!

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The group has been created to look for a ride, to share fotos, to meet old and new friends, to share info about the upcoming events. 

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Scopri il programma

As always, the event will be preceded by the Pre-marathon party on Thursday in the recently renovated dancing room and open to local dancers. 

The marathon will end with an after party, immediately after the afternoon milonga, startin at 8pm and open again to the dancers from Turin and the surrounding area.

Come sempre, l'evento sarà preceduto dalla milonga del pre-marathon party del giovedì, nella nuovissima sala palchettata in rovere, aperto a tutta la città, e si concluderà con un after party che inzierà subito dopo la pomeridiana della domenica, senza pausa, e dalle 20 si uniranno ai maratoneti i ballerini di Torino e dintorni.

PRE-PARTY | Thursda​y 14.03.2024

9:30 pm | 01:30 am   

10 euros contribution
*Open also to local dancers, not included in the marathon fee

DAY 1 | Friday 15.03.2024

8:00 | 10:00 pm DINNER (for those who booked – per chi ha prenotato)

9:30 pm | 4:00 am Welcome milonga

*From 8 pm you can check-in 
*Dalle 20 è possibile accedere alla sala per il check-in partecipanti e drink di benvenuto​​

​DAY 2 | Saturday 16.03.2024

12:30 | 2:30 pm Brunch (for those who booked – per chi ha prenotato)

2:30 | 8:00 pm Afternoon milonga

7:30 | 9:30 pm Dinner (for those who booked – per chi ha prenotato)

10:00 pm | 05:00 am Night milonga

 DAY 3 | Sunday 17.03.2024

12:30 | 2:30 pm BRUNCH (for those who booked – per chi ha prenotato)

2:30 | 8:00 Afternoon milonga

8:00 pm | 02:00 am After party


Live Music

mangia al Fortino
eat with us


Cooming soon

mangia al Fortino 

eat at the Fortino

Saturday menu



EROICA TANGO MARATHON takes place in a multi-purpose space in the heart of the city, just a short walk from downtown and the typical and renowned Balon market (Europe's largest market for antiques, vintage items and fruit and vegetables).


A 750sqm space with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Dora River, brightly lit by day, with over 400sqm of parquet floor to ensure heroic dancers have a comfortable and unforgettable dance experience!

The hall is the latest titanic feat of ASD La Bicicleta and Fortino, organizers of this event. 


The project began in 2016 and consisted of the rehabilitation of a now underutilized bowling alley. On September 17, 2016, the first milonga opened thanks to the tireless work of more than 60 volunteer dancing members. With fundraising and generous loans from members, more than €100,000 was invested in modernizing, soundproofing, securing and repaving the facility. 


All in over 22,000 hours of work by the volunteers who still take care of the PALAFORTINO, organizing the dance sports activities, including the Saturday milonga!

This is our spirit: a large staff that wholeheartedly loves the Fort hall, literally built brick by brick by all of us!

The hall today is one of the safest and most beautiful multi-purpose sports spaces in Europe.

the city